I started selling my photos and videos online 15 years ago, and I know very well that:

We all love to shoot as much as we can't bear to waste time describing our stock images and stock footage to put them up for sale.

Being a producer for microstocks is the best job in the world because they pay us to do what we would do for free. The problem is that to earn, you must also do things that are:

  • boring
  • repetitive

just like writing titles and keywords.

I'll tell you why you sell few photos: SEO

Those contributors who complain that they don’t make much money with microstock have not realized that sales on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and other agencies today are not determined only by the technical quality of the content.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is essential to sell.

If a photographer or a videomaker does not understand about algorithms and rankings, they have choices:

  1. start studying and then spend a lot of time applying what they learnt to their titles and keywords
  2. accepting that they will lose a lot of sales

Algorithms matter more than art (unfortunately)

When someone searches for a photo on a site that sells stock images, they type in a keyword and they see thousands or millions of results.

Those at the top sell, those in the middle of the list have some chance of climbing, those at the bottom are as if they don't exist. The best way to rank higher is to write titles and keywords in a certain way.

Basing your portfolio on poorly written descriptions is the main reason why good photographers and good video makers often sell little or nothing.

So the question you need to ask yourself if you want to make money is:

Do you prefer to study SEO and work hard to apply it or to rely on an expert to describe your photos and videos?

Another problem for some: the English language

More than 90% of contributors of microstock websites are non-native English speakers. Their titles and keywords usually are understandable, but they make mistakes, and language issues can cause a drop in sales.

So every contributor must learn to communicate at a native speaker's level of English, avoiding the hope that Google Translate can work for them.

Otherwise, they need to rely on people who can write titles and keywords, not only SEO optimized, but also with grammatical perfection.

Why outsource titles and keywords?

By the way, I'm Daniele Carrer.

In my course, I have taught hundreds of photographers and video makers to sell their photos and videos online. In my lessons, I teach how to use specific tools to increase the saleability of content, such as dropstock.io or the search engines of microstocks.

Knowing how to do this increases the chances of earning. The problem is that studying and using software:

  • takes time
  • is not pleasant

So not all my students do it, throwing away the opportunity to make good money.

I launched this service for them and for all those who just want to shoot. At a cost that starts at less than one euro per content:

  1. You can get rid of an unpleasant job.
  2. You will increase the chances of selling.

So the microstock will be only the pleasure of filming and photographing and the opportunity to earn.

Leaving salable photos and videos on your hard disks because you don't have the time and desire to describe them, believe me, will cost you more in terms of lost sales than paying someone to put them on income.

We describe 100 photos or videos

€ 1.47 for each photo or video

Each content is worked on by three freelancers who:

  • Write the title and up to 50 keywords
  • Analyze the SEO of titles and keywords
  • Proofread the texts


How do I send the stock images and stock footage to you?

WeTransfer or a link to the files uploaded to any cloud are fine. Instructions are on the page to which you will be redirected after your purchase.

How long does it take to get the job done?

Turnaround is generally 5 working days.

How is the work delivered?

I’ll send you a .csv file with three columns: filename, title, keywords.

This information can be easily copied and pasted into the .csv of individual microstocks or that of services like Stocksubmitter and Microstock Plus.

Or, in the case of stock images, there is software that allows you to paste information into the metadata which is then recognized by the microstocks.

How long does it take to "consume" the 100 or 200 contents for which I bought the service?

Within 30 days of purchase. But if there is a need for an extension we will agree without any problem.

Why should you use this service?

The service can cost less than a euro per content. All the documents published by the agencies, starting with this one from Shutterstock, prove that the average earning of single photos and single videos collect well over that figure.

So the real cost for you is not making an income from content you can sell.


Do you still have doubts? Using the form below, anyone can ask me anything: