There are seasons during which it is difficult to film cities, which remains the kind of content I prefer as I love to travel. Being a producer is not the same as being a tourist: when you are in a European Capital you leave the house early in the morning and return at midnight. I guarantee you, like I did since the beginning, during winter, in almost every part of the world is impossible to succeed because of the cold, and it is also very difficult to survive during the hot days of July and August, like they are on my part of the world, Italy.

Provided you already have a collection of thousands of uploaded content online, excluding that in the past you took care of the forms that the agencies asked you to fill in, the best advice I can give you is to spend your days October to March rethinking the keywords and choosing carefully the image preview of your work, also known as thumbnail. Believe me: it works and in just a few months you will start to sell more.

A viable alternative beside external shootings are shooting in the studio, especially those made with models (the still life in the microstock does not produce as much). I say studio, but if you know how to adapt it can also be in a corner of your house.

Some time ago, I bought a white and green background that you can find on EBay cheaply. But if you have the need to mount and unmount it often, it is the worst article that you can take home, because you need at least an hour to mount it properly.

Since at that time I was experimenting, I improvised as a model and began to gesticulate in front of the camera, with a mimic vocabulary that went from showing an empty wallet, thumbs up, the index that fluctuates as if to say "no", until arrived at a collection of improvised rude gestures that you can all imagine. Especially the latter, aided by the fact that we were in the acute period of crisis, I have to say that they had an unexpected growth.

The white background, because it was poorly lit, it was actually light gray and with folds. In addition, behind the camera there was the person I was sharing the house with, which was far from fond of shootings. In other words:

you can do much better!

Obviously if you have to work months with models you should also build your strategy: buy serious equipment and recruit people to stand in front of the camera. In these cases, to understand what is selling, you can begin by navigating on the search engines, as I teach in my course. From there, you will understand that there is the opportunity of working with both backgrounds or in real environments. The latter produces better profitable content, but unless you have a high budget, you cannot reproduce them in studio and they give the best of themselves with three or four models at a time. There are not great acting skills required, so you can start with friends, perhaps first by writing a list of expressions and actions, otherwise you may end up in the racket.

Beware, however, that the real difficulty is in getting the right lighting, which not only require you to possess light kit that cannot be very inexpensive because if the scene becomes dynamic, that require technical knowledge that you can acquire only with practice.

Another option is to rent a studio. Sometimes it doesn't cost too much and probably you will work with professionals who know what to do with lights and can teach you the most important things.

I want to give you an idea much more precise than just my words, I recommend watching what the great master does, the owner of this website and called Yuri Arcurs: the best example of author of stock images and stock footage on studio. A photographer who has founded a company with dozens of employees and earns millions of euro.

Yuri Arcurs is Danish and works in South Africa. To produce his works he could have been born anywhere, because remember:

the greatest thing about microstock is that it only requires a lot of good quality, with no distinction between people on grounds other than merit.