My name is Ludovica Bastianini. I am a visual artist and with a thousand of different interests.

I graduated in History of Art, and at the same time I studied:

  • painting
  • illustration
  • photography (both analog and digital).

During my studies, I started working as a photographer and, out of curiosity and passion, I studied all photography genres:

  • events
  • portraits
  • corporate
  • authorial photography

My professional results

After about nine years of activity, I can't complain about my choice. I managed to get good results in all the areas I dedicated myself to.

I've been hired for:

  • events
  • portraits

consistently over time. I have collaborated with companies, theaters and music festivals, in Italy (my country) and abroad. In this field, my greatest pride is the work I did for the Tanztheater Wuppertal company of Pina Bausch, of whom I am a huge fan.

With corporate photography I had the opportunity to get closer to the business of robotic research, working for a center of excellence in the ETH in Zurich, and I am currently collaborating with Schindler, a company known around the world.

In the artistic field, which is always my greatest passion, I have created personal projects that have been selected for:

  • festivals
  • awards
  • exhibitions

both in Europe and America, starting with the 2017 Festival Circulations of Paris, a festival dedicated to young talents in photography.

If you are curious, you can visit my internet pages at these links:

  • Personal projects
  • Commercial works
  • Instagram

How I became a microstock contributor

In the early stages of my activity as a photographer, I tried to explore the world of stock photography as well, but as Daniele use to say:

“for the artist who wants to save the world with his brain”

it is difficult to understand what needs to be done to be successful in this business (or at least for me it was so).

At first, stock photography was one of the few photography fields in which I could not find my way, and after a few attempts I abandoned the idea.

The turning point: $600 with a single stock footage sale

About a year ago, I was curious again about this business (thanks to Daniele's website) so I decided to buy his course to learn more about it.

I realized that I could try again by:

  • beginning to think differently
  • optimizing my time better
  • taking advantage of the jobs that were commissioned to me to produce something suitable for online sales as well (I always asked clients for permits, of course)
  • investing more time and effort into stock footage

After only two weeks from my first upload, I received my first sale notification on Shutterstock.

The agencies where I sell my photos and videos

I signed up for:

and I renewed my old accounts on Getty, Alamy and Dreamstime.

This month I earned $600 with a single sale!

It was a license extension for a video I had already sold. I first found it hard to believe (maybe because I read Pond5's email at 2:00 in the morning) but then I wrote to Daniele to understand what happened.

I thank Daniele for his course (learn more about it), his excellent advice and willingness to respond to doubts and questions, which is nice added value on top of everything!

Ludovica Bastianini


This story was originally published on the Italian microstock blog of Daniele Carrer

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