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If you just got here:

  1. you probably didn't know until a second ago that you could sell your photos online
  2. (or maybe) you tried but without results.

If the 2nd option applies to you, just give me a second to explain two things to newcomers. By the way, I'm Daniele and I've been selling my photos and videos online since 2006.

Daniele Carrer taking pictures in Klagenfurt, Austria

When I started, it took me several weeks of waiting before someone bought my first image but thanks to the study and the sacrifice I put in, from then on:

  • I have traveled throughout Europe,
  • I've changed my life.

You too can start producing. You need just:

  • a basic-level camera,
  • some time to sign up for the major online agencies,

which then provide websites and advertisements with content created by people like you and me.

Stock image of a Dog

It sounds great, buy you may have a problem

There is one thing that you have to consider:

today there is a lot of competition and if you try to do everything by yourself you won’t get anywhere


  1. you can't know what kind of content sells more,
  2. how to describe and keyword your photos to make them easy to find by potential buyers.

For those who weren’t able to sell their photos and videos on microstocks

Now, give me just a second to explain something to those who have tried in the past without getting results.

Making money with stock images does not depend only on the quality with which they were created. There are so many better photographers than me who do not sell anything because they do not understand that:

The types of images that are successful in microstock are not the same as the ones that have likes on social networks or those hanging in exhibitions.

A single keyword could make the difference

I'll give you an example: let's say you want to sell this photo.

Stock image of the Colosseum in Rome

If you tried to be a producer in the past, you would have hoped to sell it because you thought you were better than the average photographer. Actually, the stylistic factor probably has nothing to do with it.

For example, I'm sure you don't know that there is a free tool: results for the stock image of the Colosseum (Coliseum)

that tells you that since this place can be called both Coliseum and Colosseum in English, if you describe it with the first word you have three times more chances of selling it.

Your second mistake will have been to consider the description as a waste of time since it is actually the most boring part of the job. As a result, you will have done it:

  • quickly,
  • badly

and decided to only sell your photos on a couple of sites in order to avoid losing your nights entering data on the computer. But perhaps you don't know that:

you can write the descriptions for your images only once and then transfer the descriptions with one click to 30 other agencies, multiplying your earnings without effort.

The artificial intelligence can choose your photos’ keywords for you

If (like me) you're not a native English speaker, surely some keywords will have been lost while describing your content. Your problem is that you don't know about this other free tool, based on artificial intelligence, where you simply upload the photo:


and the tool recognizes it and creates the keywords associated with it, allowing you to transfer them to microstocks.

Why you need someone who teaches you what to do

  1. I explained to you how to triple your chances of earning simply by entering the right terms in the description of the photo.
  2. Then I taught you that you can multiply those chances by transferring the description to 30 agencies with one click.
  3. Moreover, if your English is not perfect or you don't want to spend your time writing on the computer, I showed you a tool that generates the keywords by itself.

I will stop here for now, but if you write your email in the box below I will send you 4 free videos that explain in detail these things and many others to make money with your photos. It costs you nothing to try.