How to check sales on Shutterstock (and make more money)

Sales on Shutterstock are not a vanity metric. To know what stock footage and stock images sold is the best way to understand waht the market wants and to make more money with your collection. I made $34,000 with Shutterstock...


Did you know that writing titles and keywords by following SEO guidelines is crucial to making more money with your photos and videos?

Do you have your hard discs full of stock images and stock footage that you could make an income from, but you don't have the time and desire to describe them?

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Six secrets to sell your photos and videos of cities and make a lot of money.

Cities are a perfect subject for creating stock images and stock footage, because everyone loves to travel. I made thousands of dollars by shooting Paris, London and other European Capitals, so I can tell you all my secret to make money by visiting the world.


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Screenshot of stock footage earnings on Shutterstock

Screenshot of Pond5 bestsellers sales of Daniele Carrer

I made more than $100,000 by selling my photos and videos online

Cat looking at the camera

Stock photography: how to find subjects inside home

Everyone loves to create travel footage and images, because by producing them you can visit the world. But sometimes the most profitable subjects to sell on Shutterstock and Pond5 are inside your house, and I can teach you what they are and how to make more money with them.


How to sign up to Pond5 (the best agency for selling stock footage)

Pond5 is the most profitable agency for selling stock footage. Signing up to sell photos and videos online is free, and it takes only 5 minutes.


How much you can make with Shutterstock? I made $34,000!

There are thousands of photographers and video makers who sell their stock images and stock footage on Shutterstock, earning millions of dollars every year. Competition is rising, but the secret for making more money, like I did, is not just creating great content.


Daniele Carrer in Prague

Pay your trips by selling stock images (and be happy like I am)

Photographers and video makers can travel the world and pay flight tickets and hotels by selling their photos and videos on microstock agencies like Shutterstock and Pond5.


Editorial or commercial use license? Select the right one for microstocks!

When you upload stock footage and stock images on Shutterstock and other microstocks you need to know if your content is showing logos or recognizable people to select the right license. In this post you will learn what to do to avoid problems.


Daniele Carrer while shooting stock footage in Barcelona

Microstock: how much can you earn? I've made more than $100,000.

If a photographer or a video maker understands what content the microstock buyers want, he can make a lot of money by selling his stock images and stock footage.


Is it worth filming 4k stock footage? $199 for a single sale are enough?

4k resolution is four times bigger than full HD, and microstock buyers pay more for buying those videos ($199 on Videoblocks and $149 on Shutterstock). You just need a camera and a good computer.


How to become a Shutterstock contributor (3 minutes tutorial)

Shutterstock is the most profitable agency for selling stock images. Signin up is free. This is a tutorial with screenshots and links to do it faster.


Time to sell your photos online (but do it now before it's too late)

By selling stock images and stock footage, you can still make money, but only if you start now and find the way to be better than your competitors. I can teach you how to do.


How to produce stock photos that sell (and make money)

One of the strategies that made me earn more than $100,000 with my stock images and stock footage was using the search engines of Shutterstock and Pond5 to understand what buyers want.


Spectaculed bear in the forest

How to make money with the animal images you took

4Animal images and footage can be sold online on websites like Shutterstock and Pond5. I made hundreds of dollars thanks to the photos and videos I created at the zoo.


Stock photos: the best season to shoot

Microstock is a market with rules. Buyers use to buy content set during all the months of the year, but there is one season that it's better to produce outdoor stock images and stock footage to make more money.


You submitted your stock photos but you had rejections. What now?

Microstock agencies sometimes refuse content that could sell. What should a contributor do if Shutterstock or Fotolia rejected his stock footage and stock images?