How to upload stock footage on

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Text of the video:

I love Pond5, because it’s the Agency that helps me earn more thanks to the approximately 10 thousand video clips that I have uploaded, but especially because it has never delayed not one day with the payments, which unfortunately I cannot say about other competitors, at least of some of them.

To send video clips on Pond5 you can either choose to use a software FTP like Filezilla or the website’s interface, which lately has become very simple.

In order to do that you must go on, click on the picture at the top right, which is the same picture you have uploaded for your profile and in the window that will appear, click “uploads”.

In the next page, click the button

“Upload New File”,

and afterwards

“Choose Files”

And then of course, just choose the files you need.

The uploading will start automatically, and a few minutes after the operation is finished, you will find the videos in the page “My Uploads”. They are the ones on top marked by the blue “Needs Edit”.

Ready to be described, as I explain in my course.