Selling your photos and videos online improves your life

In 2006 a friend of mine lent me his camera.

On a bright and sunny autumn day, I took pictures of a beach not too far from the place I lived. I uploaded those images on

A few weeks later I made my first sale and realized that the business of selling photos and videos online (microstock) could be a turning point for me.

From that moment on, I exploited my passion for photography and video making to get a second income that allowed me to travel the world.

A few years later I earned my first 100,000 euros and that activity became a full time job.

Thanks to what the microstock business taught me, I've become a digital entrepreneur and launched other businesses.

Can everybody sell their photos and videos online?

Yes, you just need to:

  • have a low cost camera (sometimes even a smartphone),
  • spend half an hour to register for free to agencies such as Shutterstock, Pond5, Adobe Stock.

Thousands of photographers, amateurs and professionals, make money by selling photos and videos online.

Shutterstock pays more than $ 100 million to producers who upload content to its site.

The problem: Competition

Think about it:

  1. You travel,
  2. You practice your passion,
  3. You earn money.

Isn't it everyone's dream?

Exactly. And that's the problem: there are already too many photos and videos for sale.

Ten years ago, you could pay for the trip to Paris with an image of the Eiffel Tower. Today, if you produce without a plan, you won't sell anything, even if you are technically gifted.

That's why so many photographers try their luck with microstock but don't earn a single dollar.

Is there a secret to making more money with stock images?

There is no secret or magic formula to earn money with microstock.

You have to study and work hard to:

  1. understand what kind of subjects the market wants
  2. write proper titles and keywords to rank your images and footage higher when customers make a search
  3. focus only on agencies that actually sell
  4. learn how to produce more content in less time

And much more that I can teach you thanks to my 15 years in this career.

It was a long and hard journey. I made a lot of mistakes to get to where I am now, but if this book had existed when I started, I would have reach this life sooner.

Why do you want to miss the opportunity to start improving your life?

This book will allow the photography and video making enthusiast or professional to improve their life and start a new business.

Microstock is only the beginning.

After selling stock images and stock footage, I launched other businesses and gave up a job I didn't like. Today I have forgotten about annoying bosses and office colleagues I could not stand.

This is your one book from a new life!

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  • Ebook (.mobi)
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  • Ebook on .pdf and .doc format
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